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Apple cleans up App Store

Apple has doubled its efforts to clear up its App store by removing thousands and thousands of spam and clone applications during the past year. It’s also updated it app store guidelines which are now much stricter. There still is one problem though, which is that even Apple has a deal with IBM that enables it to build apps for enterprise customers which means these apps will thereby be clones. Even with the updated guidelines, this remains a grey area. As we can’t imagine Apple to removing its, or IBM’s, apps any time soon.

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Last Thursday saw UK rail tickets machines hit a glitch

It isn’t often that the rail services have a rest out of the news and last Thursday saw them right back in the spotlight again when rail ticket machines across the UK fell out of service which meant chaos for the early morning commuters. Messages in stations on thee screens said they had “no online connectivity”, making it impossible for them to transmit payment card details. The IT glitch meant that customers could only buy tickets online. Apparently the problem was fixed quite swiftly, however, its yet another big IT system to be brought down in recent weeks!!

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Father’s Day spend up since last year

Since last year the number of transactions rose by 61%, as shoppers continue to spend money on gifts, although there is still an economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Daughters have shone through as true “Daddy’s girls” and spent 123% more than sons on gifts for fathers day weekend. However, while spending on gifts rose, hospitality businesses within centres took a hit as the heatwave saw families staying at home or heading outside to eat in the open air.

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Nearly half of all vehicles will be connected within 5 years

Nearly half of all consumer vehicles with have at least one connectivity service by 2022.  The consumer connected car service revenues have reached $49.2bn (£38.7bn) – up from $18.4bn this year. According to Juniper Research, the industry growth will be pushed by increased involvement from OEMs and network operators, along with the development of new vehicle-to-everything (V2X) services.

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Alibaba is using AI to enhance shopping experiences

Alibaba have started using artificial intelligence to enhance the experiences of its customers and targeted marketing for brands. Data-driven technologies, such as AI and VR, will play a key role in advancing the company’s business and creating tremendous value for our customers.

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What catches the eye in VR videos

YouTube is letting VR creators know what their viewers are focussing on during VR videos. Using heatmaps,  the creators will be able to see which parts of videos catch our eye and see how long we look at that part of the video. Early research from YouTube shows people spend 75 per cent of their time in the front 90° of a video.

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Amazon to buy Whole Foods

The online retail Giant Amazon is in the process of buying Whole Foods for $13.7bn (£10.7bn). the deal will be its largest push into traditional retailing. Amazon, which has long sort after the grocery business, will buy the upmarket supermarket for $42 a share. Investors welcomed the deal.

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Amazon Launched the next generation of its dash buttons

The next generation of Amazon’s Dash buttons, has been introduced and will let people order grocery items with a press of a button. The new Dash is an Alexa-enabled magnetic device which can be placed on the fridge and can be used to order groceries, convert measurements, find nearby restaurants, and find recipes through speech, as well as being able to scan product barcodes with the device. The new Amazon Dash Wand has been dubbed ‘a wi-fi enabled kitchen assistant’ by Amazon.

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Twitter redesign

The look a feel of Twitter is changing causing a torrent of complaints from its very outspoken users. The updates announced last Thursday to the social network’s iOS and Android apps, website and TweetDeck service include new fonts, bolder headlines and new menus, and a new circular profile picture box. A new algorithmic timeline introduced last year and a redesigned reply system in March both caused an outbreak of complaints, before everyone calmed down and started to use them.

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