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Tesco Shoppers try Guinness VR Tasting Experience

Guinness will start to pull virtual pints at Tesco stores nationwide in part of the brewer’s latest campaign to introduce its latest line of beers to consumers across the UK. Guinness has crafted an immersive 360-degree video to transport each drinker into a world of ‘colours, shapes and sound’ which they claim is ‘scientifically proven’ to enhance flavours.

Election Candidate warned about Hacking

Candidates in the general election have been warned to look through their emails for signs that they have been targeted by a phishing attack. The National Cyber Security Centre, which is part of GCHQ, disclosed the request in a document released on 16 May.

McDonald’s Pulls Child Bereavement Ad

McDonald’s has chosen to pull the controversial video ad after a huge social media backlash and one charity accusing them of exploiting child bereavement. The ad went live on May 12th on social media and UK TV in which it showed a boy talking with his mother about his dead father and asking what they had in common

Contactless payment in retail are set to pass $1 Trillion by 2019

Over the next few years contactless payment to retailers via cards, mobile and wearables will reach $1.3 trillion globally by 2019, over double the amount predicted for this year. According to Juniper Research based in Hampshire, cards will contribute the most in total contactless transactions, accounting for 80 percent of payment in 2019 and will account for more than $2 trillion worldwide by 2021.