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Mixing Digital is an event management agency that specialises in working with digital, ecommerce and technology businesses who wish to run their own high quality, professional events. In addition we operate the Ecommerce Club a peer-to-peer community of retail marketers and ecommerce practitioners.

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Android blow for Google in Russia

Google has promised to allow rival search engines and apps to be pre-installed on phones running its versions of Android in Russia. This follows an out-of-court deal with the country’s competition watchdog. Google has also said they would develop a tool to make it possible for users to change their device’s default search engine

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Smart Running Shoes

A Utah-based footwear maker have created Altra’sTorin IQ Smart running shoes that take tracking directly into the sole. The IQs are designed to address the very real issue of repetitive stress injury.

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Daily stories on Instagram overtake Snapchat

The story feature on Instagram has over 200m daily active users Which means mean that Instagram’s Snapchat clone is now more popular than the original with 161m daily active users at its last count at its IPO. In addition to revealing its number of DAUs, Instagram has also added new features to stories.

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Keep for new home app dropped by Google assistant

In a recent update on the google assistant smart speaker which will allow deeper integration with its Home app, it seems that they are moving away from its Keep note app meaning that shopping lists made via Google Assistant will no longer be saved on Google Keep

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Google puts 360 video to the test

Many brands are asking if 360 videos are worth it. The format is potentially revolutionary, but do they drive more engagement than standard ads. Google recently partnered with Columbia Sportswear to create an ad campaign around two US Olympic skiers enjoying an epic season in Chile.

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Kendall Jenner ad pulled

Pepsi has withdrawn a new ad campaign which features Kendall Jenner. The video, featured Jenner coming across the scene of protest, as she joins the crowd they approach a line of police officers, in what could be a tense standoff

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